What do people say about koken.care?


''Lydia has taught me a lot about myself. She combines therapy with coaching, which helps to take action each and every time. She was always straight forward to me, so I knew exactly where I was and how to approach my next steps. If you are ready to change, Lydia is the one to help you.''

R.S, Expat living in the Netherlands 

"Koken Care is a great option for English speaking people living in Wiesbaden area. You will receive an open minded non-judgmental care. You will feel better only after a few weeks of receiving care and putting in work to help improve your feelings and outlook on life. You will find a completely new way of looking at tough situations and build the courage to take control of your life, emotions, and feelings. After years of depressions and anxiety, I have finally found relief after working with Lydia". 

D., American Woman, living in Germany

"This summer I did the summercoaching with Lydia. I was struggling with my work-life balance as a young mother and a busy job. The session with Lydia gave me options to think about. How would my ideal week look like? And how does it look now? What can I do to make the balance better? She gave me some practical solutions to think about. A couple of weeks later I discussed my worklife balance with my employer. He was happy I was honest about the situation and my feelings. Now I work from home one day a week. It helps me getting things done. So I am not working the day I have with my little one. That is much better!"

M. from Amsterdam 

"I was scared and ashamed about my problems and about myself. So it was a big step for me to go to a psychologist and I waited to long. The first time that I spoke with Lydia, I already felt relieved. After that session I was looking forward to every other session we had. I learned so much. I learned about my anxieties, how to embrace them and to live my life again. I don't feel lonely anymore and that feels so great! It was actually sad that I was ready with my therapy;)" 

M. (Woman, 26 years, living in Germany)