Are you ready for a weekend to recharge yourself?

"Wabi Sabi" - The Beauty of Imperfection - Wellness Retreat - October edition.

Join our 3-days retreat in the tranquil heart of boundless nature and incentivise your transformation into a happier and better version of yourself.

A weekend all to yourself, away from your routine, your stress and your responsibilities
An opportunity to relax, enjoy and strengthen your body & mind through yoga, guided meditations and positive psychology workshops.
A chance to have fun, socialise and bond with like-minded women while enjoying delicious, healthy meals.

This is "WABI SABI - the Beauty of Imperfection"- Wellness Retreat


Masia Ventanell is concealed in a peaceful corner of Penedes Valley, surrounded by hills and wine fields. The 18th century Catalan Masía is at approximately 1 hour drive from Barcelona. Set in acres of idyllic mediterranean gardens it is exquisitely designed as to encourage relaxation and ensure a revitalising experience.

From Friday - October 22nd (2 pm) to Sunday – October 24th (2 pm)

Raluca Maria Lapuste, Certified Yoga Trainer by Yoga Alliance - 200 RYT, specialised in Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga.
Lydia Haagmans Koken, Psychologist (MsC) and Coach, specialised in positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy.

· Vinyasa & Hatha Practices adapted to your level.
· Guided meditation and Pranayama· Breathing techniques to heal and gain control over your inner world.· Positive psychology workshops
· Delicious, healthy, vegetarian dishes made with organically grown ingredients under the magic of a talented local chef.
· Accommodation in comfortable single or double rooms decorated in a mediterranean style with
a Scandinavian touch.
· Access to all the Hotel's facilities: you can relax by the infinity POOL, indulge in a quiet moment of reading or introspection in the several LOUNGES.
or have some extra fun playing TENNIS, or even TABLE TENNIS.

yoga group yoga lydia workshop mindful

You can choose between a beautifully styled double room with individual beds and private bathroom PRICE 499€-->449€*
An individual room with shared bathroom PRICE 499€-->449€*
Or a beautifully styled single room, with your own bathroom PRICE 599€-->539€*

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*Special offer 10% discount until September 20 2022.

Prices include full board meals, accommodation, all our yoga, meditation & positive psychology workshops and enough time for yourself.
We will be a small group of women, so places are limited.
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For more details and questions feel free to PM us on Facebook: Raluca Lapuste, or Lydia Haagmans - Koken, or email us at:

We are happy to tell you more about our retreats and would love to welcome you at the October edition.

WabiSabi retreat

Experiences from our previous retreat

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" The retreat was everything I was searching for. It brought me many things: more clarity, peace of mind, connections of awesome women, peace, fun, exercise, laughter and good sleep. What I learned is to be grateful.  Being myself is not only good for me, it is inspirational to others". Emily S. 

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"Amazing meditations. Very well spoken. Raluca is an excellent yoga teacher. In fact, one of the best. The classes flowed and there was a good balance of challenges". Anthea S.

group wabi june diner at night

"The retreat couldn't be better. It was very good for my mental health. The 3 days brought me friends and understanding of my needs and accepting them. I went home with determination and a plan." N. K. 

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"I really enjoyed the retreat. It excited far beyond my expectations!" The 3 days brought me a full escape, wonderful time, funny moments, yoga experience and cherished moments. I learned to believe more in myself". Alina D.  

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"The retreat was outstanding! The attention to small details made it very professional, for example the giftbags and personalized water bottles. The workshops by Lydia on positive psychology were beautifully done. I loved the mindfulness workshop.The three days taught me acceptance to be just myself". Andrea O. 

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If you want to have these kind of experiences, feel you want to relax and recharge, spend time with yourself and be with other like-minded woman:

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If you have any questions or would like to have more details, feel free to contact us:
PM us on Facebook: Raluca Lapuste, or Lydia Haagmans - Koken, or email us at:

We are happy to tell you more about our retreats and would love to welcome you at the October edition.

With warm regards, 

Raluca & Lydia



Photocredits: Mische Hamilton