Pricing & Reimbursement

Pricing charges an hourly rate that in most cases will be reimbursed by your private health insurance, contact me to learn more about the possibilities and rates.

Reimbursement is a private practice; this means that either your private insurance or you will be billed. In some countries a coaching program can be deducted from your tax expenses.
In case you are currently on a waiting list of a different practice, there is a very high probability that your health insurance will reimburse the cost. I currently have no waiting list, so we can start the treatment or program on your convenience.

The first consultancy via phone is free of charge and there is no obligation the proceed after that. The duration of a typical treatment  is 3 to 10 sessions, and for a coaching program 3 to 6 sessions, so you will experience the results on short term; depending on the situation and conditions.

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